The heavy snows of last winter have made for an amazing spring waterfalls, rivers, and meadows in Yosemite. Most of these photos are from one epic day in early May. I left my house about 4:30am. My goal was to photograph sunrise and sunset and I was anxious that I'd miss the early morning sky colors as I followed a couple slow gravel trucks down from Oak Flat. When I arrived in the Valley, it was completely socked in with fog so I didn't feel too bad. I took a cat nap and still managed to get some nice morning light as the fog began to break over Yosemite Falls and the Merced River. I was lucky enough to get lots of clouds all day - which I believe makes for great photos! The falls were just pounding. It was hard to get close ups with out getting spray all over the lens. I spent a good part of the day in the valley, using the floodwaters that filled the meadows to capture reflections of the falls and peaks. In the late afternoon I headed up the Four Mile Trail and was rewarded with some nice sunset light on Half Dome. I finally made it back to the car around 9pm. Please let me know what you think by commenting and signing in to save your favorites! - Joel
Green HeartFlood Gates395A2074Royal Arches Reflection395A1572IMG_9238Dogwood RiverbankGold Capped395A1171Spring Veil II395A0976Head in the Clouds395A0872Quiet momentIMG_9196Rays, Mists, Merced.Falls Framed in Spring's FinestSpring Veil IIMG_9260