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In March my family took a trip to Kauai,including a classic helicopter ride around Kauai. Most of the photos here are from that amazing flight. I had read the reviews of different companies and chose the best one for photography - a company that flew nimble Hughes helicopters. Not only had they been flying the longest, they were the only ones to offer a true bonus to photographers - helicopters with NO DOORS! Not only did this make for an exhilarating ride (up to 200 mph at times), it meant no glare from windows. Hovering, diving, and cresting ridges, the landscapes were so beautiful they could make you weep with gratitude. The open door flight added a visceral feel of the islands many micro-climates. It was truly one of the most exciting experiences of my life. I hope you enjoy these images
Pu’u O Kila ViewNapali GlimpseCloud ForestWaimea Canyon IWaimea Canyon Falls IWaimea Canyon Falls IIManawaiopuna Falls IWaimea Canyon Falls IIIWaimea Canyon Falls IVWaimea RiverNapali RidgesHonopu Valley IHonopu Valley IKalepa RidgeNapali GreenNapali Ridges IINapali SpearNapali Ridges IIICaldera Wall ICaldera Wall II