Clouds Rest Photography | Spring in Zion

In early May, I plopped my son Levi in his carseat and headed to Zion National Park. Late spring is may favorite time to visit. The green cottonwoods of the valley are a stunning contrast to the red rock. The weather is mild, and the crowds are much less than in summer. We were so lucky to have friends to stay with so access each day was super easy. My wife Sara indulged my photography habit by letting me go out by myself for most of the sunrises and sunsets. Here are a few from those times and other hikes we took while there. Enjoy! -Joel
395A0133Emerald ShowerStairs to Emerald395A0300395A0305395A0349Towers at DawnTowers at Dawn II395A0520395A0573Evening PrimeroseMorning EchoKT, West Temple & CloudsRiver, Slide, MountainMoon Over Zion395A0784The Virgin and the Patriarchs395A0797395A0838Bighorn Lambs